Home Remodel Tips

Home Remodeling Tips

3 Tips for a Successful Home Remodel Project

My experience designing homes gave me an appreciation for what it takes to bring a project in on time, on design and on budget. Now, as I apply that learning to remodeling I have found three critical things for home owners to consider as they approach their remodeling project.


It’s important for the clients to have a general idea of what they want to accomplish with their remodel. For example, we want more usable workspace in the kitchen; we want a master suite on the main floor, we want to convert the basement to a guest suite, etc. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to know the details behind how it can be done, that’s where your contractor can be helpful.


As I shared in my first newsletter, creativity and flexibility seem to be tied to a more liberal and open mind. I believe the main differences you’ll find between successful and disappointing projects can be found in how well what a client wants and needs is transformed into the final outcome. The real beauty of a project comes in taking it beyond what the client could imagine and giving them that little bit extra. As you can see from the river house pictures below a creative, and yes, a liberal mind can see possibility and opportunity where others see only air.


The final step for a successful remodel is being open to change. When I design a remodel sometimes there is a big change – one that might truly make a good project great. Being open to knocking down a wall, moving appliances or changing the shape of a room can give you the biggest and most amazing transformations. The biggest challenge can often be believing in what is in the air.

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